second time around

Posted by Shannon Marie
I think it has something to do with carrying your biggest news of the moment on your front side, out there for the world to see, that automatically signs you up for all sorts of random questions, comments, advice, and sideways glances. In general, the first time around, I didn't get much unwanted touching or anything too graphically scary as far as stories go. Really, just the norm. But, a few things have stuck with me that I just have to share...

  • Is that a family name? Jury is still out whether this was a 'that must be a family name because it's so odd/weird/strange/not a good name' or whether it legitimately sounds like a 'family name', but I lost count somewhere around the twentieth time I was asked this one with Harper. We already have names picked out for Peanut 2, so we'll just have to wait and see if the pattern continues!

  • Did you plan for them to be this close? Well, to be frank, no. I mean, I get the birds and bees. There are things you can do to prevent it and things you can do to increase your chances. But, isn't that one of the more (most?) miraculous things about getting pregnant -- that you can't plan it? We don't view this little miracle any differently than our first. Thanks for asking, though.

  • You look so small/big for XX weeks along! Well, thank you, but I assure you that no matter what you think, stranger, I feel as big as a house. Just part of the game.

  • You'll feel better soon. Well, I sure hope so, but I can tell you that right now my all-day sickness is wearing on my patience a little (whole lot) these days. Next time I have to run to the restroom at work because the financial model I'm putting together has all of a sudden given me a blinding headache and I feel hot (and oh no, did I forget to eat or drink or sleep for the last 3 days?) as my body is revolting against me, I'll be sure to remember that you said it'll get better 'soon'. And, really once this part is over I'm getting cankles.

But, hey, none of us would do it (certainly not a second time) if every moment (and unsolicited comment) wasn't worth it in the end.

Looks like the days of 'just sitting there' for a minute are long gone...


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