seychelles seashells

Posted by Shannon Marie
So, I posted a pic of these little lovelies yesterday, with a promise for an explanation. And so it goes...

And so it goes, and you're the only one who -- thank you Billy (Joel) -- knows. You will know, now, because I am going to try to put into words my inner struggle between the deep (deep, deep) seeded love for all things shoe related (just not flats) and, And, AND finding something to wear all the little lovelies with. I'm sure we could all agree that a good -- great, grand, wonderful -- thank you Billy (Madison) -- pair of shoes can make an outfit. Or your day for that matter. But there is nothing (and I mean nothing) worse than WANTing a new pair of lovelies only to reason with yourself that you don't have the status quo 5 outfits -- or any for that matter -- to wear them with. Yes, 'tis a hard time we (I) live in. What to wear. With the shoes.

My most recent struggle -- upon discovering a 30% off code -- was the Calvin Klein orange and tan and black numbers from yesterday. Swoon. You'd think with three, yes three, colors I'd have something something to wear them with. Three distinct possibilities. Or not. Which is where I landed. There's still hope. The wheels are still a spinnin', I can assure you, and when I come up with my 3 or 5 -- whatever that rule is -- outfits, I will want (need) them. Until then, I'll just keep a starin' at these.

Seychelles 'Joan' Wedge Sandal

full of FIGJAM

Posted by Shannon Marie
Somewhere between Operations Management, Accounting, and Six Sigma higher learning -- let's not forget a new career, chock full o' the things -- I seem to have filled my wee little head with so(ooo) many acronyms I often have a hard time remembering the easy ones. You know, the ones that you see all the time and every time you see them: you draw a blank? My main culprit? The HOV lane. Yes, the far left lane of many a highway designed to advocate carpooling. High -- got it -- then the hard part, Octane? -- darn, wrong again. My over-acronym(ed) brain just can't remember the O -- it's Occupancy for those of you who didn't know (or can't remember, like me!). High Occupancy Vehicle. You get to fly by the traffic in the other lanes, I'd assume is the point, in exchange for putting up with the passengers who have agreed (however reluctantly) to travel with you each day. What you do when you have to get across all the other lanes of traffic -- that have watched you flying by them -- to take your exit? Not so sure. I just know what it stands for -- High Oct, shoot.

'Tis the world we live in, I suppose, a world where fast food is (hopefully was) the standard and we can't get -- or say -- anything fast enough. In most cases, I'd agree that our advances are for the greater good. Acronym(ing) everything? Not so positive 'bout that one.

So, I'll leave you with my new favorite -- when I can remember it --

FIGJAM: Flip I'm Good, Just Ask Me.

And these lovely little things -- explanation to come.

CK remini cutaway platform shoe

the bolt aisle

Posted by Shannon Marie
As a semi-indulgent -- ok, slightly more than semi, say quasi? -- shopper of all things shiny, and flirty, frilly, dressy, and shoe related, I am fully aware the power that a store -- any store, just think of your favorite -- can have over a person. I could recount nearly infinite occasions upon which I planned to "window shop", to no avail. Internet window shopping -- P.S. -- well let's just say those stores make it way too easy to "add to cart". As if I plan to actually "remove from cart" and not "click to continue". Pfffhht -- 'tis a rant for another time.

Back to the power of the store -- the real one -- that you physically walk in to. As many occasions that I can recall involving said failed window shopping attempts, I can also name quite a few -- ok, I'll give him many -- where Dear Husband spent countless an hour sitting outside of a dressing room, wandering aimlessly, and/or/in combination with following along -- with little complaining to boot. He's a trooper, I must say. But with patience comes an inevitable, yet deserved, future price.

Touche -- the bolt aisle.

You see every home improvement store has one. The extent to which it goes on forever -- errr, I mean the selection varies quite a bit from store to store. With a resounding chest banging -- oops that's a gorilla -- high five, Lowe's seems to have the super, best, let's build something together, bolt aisle. I digress -- for it is not just bolts, but nuts, and screws with varying finishes and uses -- all wrapped up in lovely little baggies and carefully, if not painstakingly, positioned in sliding metal drawers with dividers worthy of my costume jewelry collection. Ah yes, the holy grail of trinket worthy, peruse for hours, pick up -- set down -- pick up again, MAN-dom. My love for all things shiny does not -- truly unfortunately for Husband -- translate to said bolt/nut/screw aisle.

And it is with great pleasure -- hypothetically speaking -- that I welcome the next trip to Lowe's. For I have learned -- just like my shoe obsession -- that it is not only about just getting what you need, but rather an experience -- albeit a rather excruciating one for Wife. I promise -- to try -- not to wince in pain next time. Totally promise.