smitten with spring

Posted by Shannon Marie
The weather is fan-tastic out today, and we got to duck out of the corporate world a bit early. Double bonus! It is officially Spring in my eyes. And we all know what that means -- sandals, painted toes, sundresses, and well yardwork and allergies, but the first three more than make up for the last. Mmmhm.

Spring has sprung.

P.S. The carpet in me -- yes me, not my -- office needs a wee bit -- ok, ridiculously major amount -- of TLC, if you can't tell from the pic. Oh and it's pea green. Just sayin'.

Another wonderfully magnificent accidental effect of the change of seasons?

I'm pretty (totally) sure the pup needs some outdoor time, ummm yesterday. Yes, 'tis BoBo, minus all appendages and most of his innards.

And, plus, also, I get to take this lovely little thing for a twirl tonight. So excited.

LuLu's Go with the Flow Top

So, I'll leave you with my words of wisdom -- or peril, depending on how much you actually like me wink wink -- try to avoid ASTRO and ALF. Off to enjoy the sunshine!

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