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Ever since I can remember I've been quite fascinated with the concept of having twins. Maybe because there aren't any in my family and I grew up knowing very few sets, but whatever the case, I've always thought to myself how miraculous and exciting (and scary) a thing it would be to suddenly find out the peanut you are carrying is actually peanut-s. Nevertheless, I have to admit to the sense of calm I've felt (both times) when the ultrasound technician proclaimed: "looks like there's just one."

This time around (knowing a little more about what to expect...or worry about) I had already begun having the all-telling (if real-life means being chased, laying an egg, and having triplets) pregnancy dreams. After that last one, I woke up a little more jarred than normal -- what exactly would we do if suddenly our soon-to-be little family of 4 was actually going to be SIX! I read somewhere recently about the rate of twins and it was actually higher than I expected (knowing very little about it in the first place). Mommy brain + Pregnancy brain is not allowing me to recall the exact statistic, but I believe it was somewhere around 1 in 32? And, seeing as I've known a lot of friends, colleagues, and acquaintences to get knocked up recently, I figured I'd know about more sets of twins. Who's next?

Speaking of ultrasounds -- Husband and I have pretty different views of pregnancy, aside from the glaringly obvious fact that I'm the one that goes through it and he, well, isn't. Two positive pregnancy tests and a few of the early tell-tale signs aren't nearly enough for him to 'believe' it. The heartbeat on the other hand, well that's undeniable! We had the ultimate pleasure of having Harper with us this time. Surreal to say the very least.

It's still sinking in that less than 7 months from now we'll be a family of 4 and a Stella. It is indeed just one. I'm sick as can be. And, ecstatic that means things are progressing as they should. Oh, and for the record -- strangers need not point out that it's typically unexpected to have children one year apart -- the sizes of 'Big Brother' clothing pointed that out for us plain and simple. The abundance of 2T and 3T sizes are a testament to the fact that we may be doing things on the fast track, but that's just fine with us. You can, however, always count on the world wide web to help you find just what you need...


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